Wednesday, March 25, 2009

one more rendering

to get a better feel of what I want my space to be like, I combined my renderings of my light fixture and bench.  Its nice to be able to see at least roughly how they'll interact. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Here's a rendering of what i've decided on for my bench portion of my show.  It consists of a stool and a bench, playing off some of the same social/public space ideas that I've been working with in my other pieces.  The seat will be upholstered plywood (cut on the CNC) and the base (as much as I've decided so far) will be plate and tube steel.

My light fixture has also been starting to take shape.  The images shown are:  

Templates used for making the shade and cap portion
Plywood mockup of shade with cap
Actual shade with veneer and plexi showing the connection method (steel rod and small o-rings)
Veneer as it looks with light shining from behind
(Soon to be) wall mounted plywood box (same veneer as shades) that the lights will be suspended from

In addition to these things, I have also completed fabricating the steel tube pieces that will be fixed to the wall mounted box, though have yet to photograph them.  I will post images as soon as this happens.  

the molds for my glasses have been wrapped in plaster, dried, and then cut open.  This just leaves the inner portions which will be turned on the lathe.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Position Paper Outline

I.  Introduction
-Thesis Statement -- Functional Objects with ulterior motives/Design as a means of communicating ideas

II.  Visual Influences
-Everyday "ordinary" and "unassuming" objects
-Historical/Classic designs
-citing artists/designers that have influenced me/why/how have I interpreted their work
-Color and material used to emphasize function or formal element

III.  Conceptual Influences
-Sociology/public interaction/social dilema/sharing/compromise/isolation
-citing research done on this topic as well as personal observation and experience
-Ordinary objects -- what they are vs what they're capable of
-Light heartedness/humor/ sense of playfulness and curiosity
-why this is important in my work/why I feel it is important in design in general

IV.  Working artists/designers that I am influenced by/can relate to... 
-Marti Guixe
- why these artists and designers? 
(Note) I may or may not use this topic in my final paper... I haven't decided yet whether its important to the overall argument

V.  Conclusion
-How and in what direction I would like to see my work continue
-How I feel my work relates to the bigger art/design picture

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

fun with silicone

Here is an in-process shot of making my molds for my line of glassware.  I've decided to try to cast them as opposed to doing a found/altered object.  Something about the act of making them makes them feel more mine, also I think visually they will be more effective as a group since I have control over color, texture, etc.  As of right now, the plan is to make them clear, but a discussion I had today about what possibilities or implications might lie in adding color has made me reconsider.

Thursday, February 5, 2009